Our Story


Hi, I'm Brad Ward, Founder of MyLifePolicy.ca. If your reading this page, you're probably trying to learn more about us before you trust us with your life insurance needs. You can read more about what makes us different from most life insurance agents below. 

Instead of a traditional "About Us" I'm going to tell you a very REAL story of how life insurance affected my Family directly when I was a young. 

My Story

When I was 5 years old my Mother (Emily Ward) died suddenly after receiving treatment for an ulcer in the hospital. I've included a picture of her on the right.

Unfortunately for my Father, my parents were sold a small Permanent life insurance policy instead of a large term policy by a local life insurance agent. Many people don't know this but life insurance agents receive a much larger commission on permanent life insurance policies than on term policies. $100/month of permanent VS. a $100/month of term are very different commissions to an agent 

The permanent policy was so small that after my Father had paid for my Mothers funeral, there wasn't much money left. This meant that he would need to work overtime as a Canada Border Security Officer to replace the second income that our family was accustomed too. 

I often tell clients that the hardest part of losing my Mother was losing my Father afterward.  

After my Mother died, my Father was always working. He worked so much he even had to hire a Nanny to take care of my sister and I. You can't imagine the difficulty of losing your Mother and not having your Father around for comfort. It got so bad I would fake being sick at school so I could see him on his rare days off. 

Moral of the Story 

The agent who sold my parents a permanent policy instead of a term policy might have believed in permanent. Heck, I do some of the times. However this agents decision to look after his own self instead of his clients. To this day it infuriates me when I meet young clients with large permanent policies instead of term. 

The moral of the story is this. If you don't have enough life insurance, you're hurting the ones you loved. That's it. There are pieces to pick up when a loved one dies. Money doesn't make you whole again but it makes the healing process ALOT easier. 

No one thinks they're going to need life insurance. We have a saying, "When you WANT to buy a life insurance policy, it's too late". Canadian families are WAY UNDER INSURED and the only people it hurts are them. 

My Father gave me permission to share this story so that you can avoid the same mistakes that he and my Mother made. 

How We Are Different

There are plenty of places to buy life insurance so why should you buy from us?

We work with more than 1 life insurance company

Many life insurance agents only work with 1 life insurance company. This means they can't shop around for the best price or product.

Operating in Ontario & Alberta

MyLifePolicy.ca sells life insurance through-out Ontario and Alberta. If we don't have an agent in your area, we can sell policies over the phone or web.

We put your needs 1st

We're 100% transparent on how much commission we earn on policies and don't let that cloud our judgment on what we suggest to fill your needs.

Buy the way you want

Today you can buy life insurance over the phone or in person...you choose. We put our clients first by making our process simple and easy to understand.

Our Team
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Whether you're looking to purchase your first life insurance policy or need help planning your retirement, I can help. Shoot me an email with any financial question and I'll answer it.