Is No-Medical Life Insurance Right For You?

Brad Ward 17 Nov 2017

Just when you thought there was no way to leave money to your loved ones along comes a life insurance product that is available without having to go through a medical exam. Too good to be true? Not really – there may be a no medical life insurance that is right for you.

No-medical insurance options range widely. Some are aimed towards people in poor health while others are best suited for younger, healthier people.

What is No-Medical life insurance?

No-Medical life insurance is a type of life insurance that you can apply for without going through standard medical exams. A lot of people like this type of insurance because they are reluctant to get a medical exam.  They may have a health issue, or they may prefer not to have a nurse analyze them.  Since less time is required to apply for this coverage, it’s a good option for busy people. Yes, in some cases the coverage costs a little more than standard life insurance, but for the convenience, you can’t beat it!

How does No-Medical life insurance work?

No medical life insurance comes in many forms including simplified issue, guaranteed issue instant approval, and group coverage.

For Simplified Issue life insurance there is no medical testing required, and there is a questionnaire to complete to give details about your health. Questions in the application include former serious illnesses that you may have had along with further information about any hospitalization. If you've been hospitalized for any disease or previous rejections on a standard life insurance application, you can still apply for simplified life whole life or term insurance.

An advantage of this type of insurance is that it is easy to apply for and there are easy to answer “yes” or “no“ questions on the application. Coverage levels are typically $500,000 or less, and approval is not guaranteed.

For Guaranteed Issue life insurance, the application process is simpler – no medical exam or questionnaire. The trade-off is that the level of coverage is limited – usually around $25,000 if your death is not accidental. For many of these policies, if you die within the first two years your beneficiary receives only an amount equal to the payments that you put into the policy.

This type of coverage will stay in force as long as you make your payments. This is great insurance if you like a quick and easy application process. The downside with this type of insurance for young healthy people is that they will pay a higher premium than they would if they applied for standard life insurance.

For Guaranteed Instant issue life insurance, the application process is accelerated to allow for quick underwriting. The application has health questions which gather simple information such as driving record, prescription drug history and any previous experience with life insurance applications. Sometimes this application can be completed online or over the phone with an advisor. The insurance company uses intelligent computer programs to determine whether you qualify. Some companies offer up to $1 million in coverage without any medical tests, but this is usually only available for younger, healthier folks. This type of insurance is priced competitively to standard life insurance. One downside with this application process is that you might go through underwriting and do not qualify automatically.

Group life insurance can be accessed through your company group plan without having to answer any health questions or complete medical underwriting to qualify. The premiums you pay for this coverage is based on a group of people, and a lot of times it is paid for in whole or in part by your employer. If you are given the opportunity to apply for additional coverage, there will be medical questions, but these questions are less comprehensive than some other no-medical applications. This can be easy coverage to get but coverage is usually only one to two times your salary, and that may not be enough for some people with young families. Additional coverage may also be more expensive for younger, healthier individuals than if they applied for another type of life insurance.  Group insurance usually ends when someone is fired or leaves their employment.

Who is best suited for no-medical insurance coverage?

  • People who have applied for standard life insurance coverage and were rejected.
  • People who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or HIV.

  • Those with an impaired driving record.

  • Applicants with dangerous jobs such as logging, sea fishing, or roofing.

  • People who are reluctant to go through with a medical examination.

  • Those who know they are healthy and want to get quick coverage.

Factors that influence no medical life insurance rates

For no medical policies, insurance companies have a lot less information to base their rates on, so the premiums will usually be higher than that of traditional life insurance.  Other factors that will influence the life insurance rates include your age, sex, whether you smoke, and how much coverage you choose. If you decide on purchasing simplified issue life insurance, the premiums will also be affected by your answers to the medical questionnaire.

Can I be denied for No-Medical life insurance?

For most types of no medical life insurance, you cannot be denied coverage because there is no medical testing required. In some cases, age and health may prevent you from qualifying for coverage – typically it is only available up to age 75. Depending on your answers to a few questions for simplified issue insurance you may not qualify for coverage. For guaranteed instant issue life insurance, you may not qualify for the coverage you apply for if you are not healthy or too old.

Additional Coverage

Along with the life insurance coverage, some no-medical companies will also offer extended coverage or additional riders:

  • Should you contract a critical illness while you own no medical policy like heart disease or life-threatening cancer
  • Accidental death coverage that payout should you die from an accident

Also, some no medical insurance companies cut off payments for no medical policies at a certain age like 95.

If you don’t like to go through any medical tests and have limited time no medical life insurance may be right for you. Contact us today at to let us help you determine what is the best no medical insurance for you.

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